Searching for the best open source media player will ultimately bring to you to Kodi. Developed by XMBC, Kodi is a free software media player that provides you all the entertainment you need without paying any money! Whether it is your television screen or tablet or your mobile, Kodi is available on all major operating systems as well as hardware including Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS and Android. For your home screens, you get a Kodi box that comes with a 10-foot user interface for use with remote control.

Wondering how it works on an Android phone? Kodi has a lot of entertainment to offer! In fact, if you haven’t used Kodi on your Android, you have been missing so much fun! From playing almost any media be it on the internet or your local storage or network, Kodi is your one-stop solution for entertainment. Here you can learn all about the perks of installing Kodi on you Android:

1. Space saving

If you suffer from space issues and haven’t been able to watch your favorite shows or movies on your mobile device; then Kodi can rectify this easily. No need to invest in a phone with better capacity. Simply connecting your device to your computer will solve your problem in no time. All you need to do is to setup your computer or NAS device as a source on your Android Kodi app. The process is simple and you can easily find how to do that on Kodi’s Wiki here: Kodi

saving space

Once you have setup the path for media files in your computer to be played on your Android device, you can now access all of them on your mobile app.


2. Live TV channels

Kodi is an entertainment hub for all TV junkies. Kodi on your Android device lets you watch live TV channels on your Android. Kodi gives you access to all your favorite shows by enabling live stream from all major television networks as well as cable channels.

Now you don’t need to pay heavy subscriptions for cable TV anymore. Watch the best shows live on your device. Do you often miss live transmissions just because you aren’t home to watch it? With Kodi on your Android, never again miss a live transmission that you had been waiting for. From


3. Live News

live news

When you are rarely home, you still pay for expensive cable TV subscriptions because you like tuning into news channels once in a while. With Kodi on your Android device and a Kodi box at home, you won’t miss your expensive cable TV connection. Kodi allows you to tune in to live broadcast for the latest news from a large range of television channels.

4. Add-ons

To make things simple and manage your entertainment sources, Kodi comes with lots of add-ons and is developing even more as we speak. When you have Kodi installed, you have access to 9GAG.TV, ABC Family, Anime on Demand, Buzzfeed, Disney channel, NBC, Filmrise- Youtube, and so much more.

Kodi supports music, video, programs, and picture add-ons. It also supports metadata scrapers, weather add-ons, lyrics add-ons and service add-ons, making it the best media center for entertainment.

The latest versions of Kodi box come with a Live TV Electronic Program Guide as well as a Digital Video Recorder with Personal Video Recording features and a Graphics User Interface. PVR client add-ons are available for a variety of PVR software and hardware.

5. Language Support 

Kodi is all about sharing and internationalization. To provide the ultimate TV experience to people across nationalities, Kodi supports up to 75 languages. It also supports international television networks such as Al-Jazeera and, TV Ontario and many others. This makes Kodi the ultimate favorite for masses.

6. Manage and display photos 

For most of us, our mobile is our camera; unless you are a professional photographer who simply won’t accept camera results. Most of us take snapshots of things we find interesting and capture memories to check at a later date. If you have a large collection of unmanaged photos in your mobile, because you are still waiting to find time to organize them, then Kodi is a great solution. With the Kodi app on your Android, you can easily manage your photographs. Create interesting slideshows and organize your photos. You can even share your photos and slideshows on your big screen at home.

7. Web interface

Kodi comes with a user-friendly and reliable web interface, so you can control your web browser remotely using your Android devices. Known as Chorus, the web interface allows you to queue up your audio and video files as well as browse your library. Your Android device web browser is equally comparable to your desktop browser and makes media management so much easier and convenient. Kodi’s Video Library and Music Library are key features of the Kodi software allowing management and organization of videos and audios.

Overall, Kodi offers plenty of services and all for free. Downloading Kodi on your Android devices will provide unlimited entertainment opportunities. Kodi is also working on a built-in Games manager and Game Launcher, although it is not yet integrated with the app. Kodi supports a wide variety of physical digital media devices, network protocol clients and servers, audio and video formats, container formats, subtitles formats and metadata tags. When you are alone or hanging out with friends and family, Kodi lets you enjoy to the fullest with free access to audios, videos, and other media files. Create the ultimate playlist for your next party or make a slideshow of old pictures to share with family – Kodi lets you do it all!


Kodi comes with variable skins you can choose from. It plays movies, music, podcasts, pictures and any other digital media file that you want. The best thing about the Kodi Android app is that it offers full-scale operations on your Android device as well. No limited use on the Android device. So whether you have the device or desktop or the Kodi box – you get to experience the same features across all mediums. With Kodi, your entertainment options are endless and all for free. Simply install Kodi on your Android and never spend a boring moment again!