Smart TVs embraced a huge success when they were firstly launched, and everybody wanted one. In their early days, they were presented as the ideal gadget, allowing you to browse the internet, see your favorite movies or even surf the social media platforms. However, time has passed and now we understand that owning a smart TV is not such a good idea. They come with a lot of problems and because of that, more and more people are replacing their Smart TVs with a Smart TV box. In the following article, we will explain to you why Smart TVs are no longer a viable option, and why you should definitely avoid buying one.

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1) They Are So Smart That They’re Actually Spying On You

It’s a known fact that a vast majority of Smart TVs, are designed to track your entire activity. This might not seem like a big deal for you, but you need to understand that with this feature, a complete stranger knows every show that you watch, every website that you browse and so on. The producers are defending themselves, saying that this is only for marketing purposes and no information will ever be disclosed. But still, it’s a little bothering to know that you cannot have any privacy with a Smart TV. If you imagine that the big brands will never do such thing, you are wrong. Some major producers were caught collecting their customer’s information and use them for advertising purposes.

2) Annoying Ads

Normally, you buy a Smart TV, thrilled by the freedom you’re about to get. Now, you can select your own movies, and you no longer have to see a commercial break, in the middle of the movie, right? Wrong again! Manufacturers want to increase their profit and they won’t stop at just selling you the device. That’s why, every 20 minutes of watching a movie, you will have to stop and watch an “interesting” ad, about a random thing that you probably don’t need. And no, there is no way to stop this. Unless you purchase a Smart TV box.

3) They Can Be Hacked Very Simply

Unlike a PC, which can be protected with an antivirus, firewall or VPN, Smart TVs have some very weak security software. Because of that, every person who knows a little programming will be able to hack into your TV and violate your privacy. They can see, modify or delete everything on your Smart TV, and they can even plant forbidden materials, which can cause you some legal problems. And things are getting even worse than that. It’s very easy for a hacker to access your TV’s webcam/microphone, and to record everything you do or say. Want to avoid that? Buy a Smart TV box instead.

4) The Software Gets Outdated

If you buy a new Smart TV, you will be happy about all the new and interesting features. But this will only last for six months, one-year maximum. After that period, you will slowly see how each of your favorite apps, is no longer supported by your current Smart TV software. And you will need to update it. This wouldn’t be such of a problem because the whole process won’t take you more than half an hour. But the new software is not free, neither cheap. You will have to pay extra money for a product that you own, just to keep it updated. And it will happen every six months from now on. It’s like paying rent for something that you own. Smart, right?

5) The Interface is Childish and Unreliable

With a Smart TV, we would expect to receive a well-optimized software, which can fulfill all our needs. But this it isn’t the case. And the reason behind that is very simple. A Smart TV is produced by a company who manufactures electronic devices and has no experience in software development. They don’t invest time and money in the interface because it’s not a priority for them. They only care about the Smart TV’s hardware features, because that’s what is selling their product. On the other hand, a Smart TV box is produced by people who are experienced in software development, invested a lot of time in the optimization and are constantly struggling to improve their features. And let’s face it! Nobody buys a Smart TV for the webcam or for the central remote. It’s all about the interface and what can it do.

6) It Doesn’t Worth the Price

A Smart TV is usually two or three times more expensive than a regular TV. Does it worth it? Not really! The only differences between a Smart TV and a regular TV consist of the Webcam, microphone, the operating system and the central remote. If we would purchase all these items separately, along with a Smart TV box, we will spend 70% less, than the price of a Smart TV. So instead of buying a Smart TV, it’s more simple to turn your regular TV into a Smart one. More than that, a Smart TV box can be highly customized and you can modify it, according to your particular needs and preferences. And the cheapest one costs less than $50.

7) It’s Not As Good As It Looks

Usually, a lot of people are buying Smart TVs, thrilled by the multitude of features and options. But according to a recent study, only 10% of the Smart TV owners are using their device to navigate on the internet, and only 15% accessed the online music apps. And it’s hard to believe that the rest of the owners don’t navigate on the internet or don’t listen to music. But they’ve stopped using their device for that, because it’s so bad optimized, that it won’t grant them a positive experience. The only positive thing about a Smart TV is the unlimited movies. If you don’t mind the constant commercials.


Smart TV Box


Before thinking about purchasing a Smart TV, you need to put all the things in balance and weight the pluses and minuses. After you reach your conclusion, you will know that a Smart TV box is the best option, when it comes to having a truly smart TV. If you want a safe and reliable device and not some fancy accessory to impress your friends with, then you should purchase a Smart TV box.