Joice Levis

Joice Levis

Hello, My name is Levis Joice. I have graduated 15 years ago from a well-known IT university in the US. From there on, I started and have developed my job as the webmaster.

This is my review blog. I’m going to be reviewing the latest in smart tv box technology about the upcoming and most popular smart tv boxes and android smart box set ruling the market.

My keen interest in this subject stemmed from the fact that I was completely lost when trying to find the right smart box to buy for video streaming. The internet can be a scary place if you do not know what you’re looking for. And the lack of quality reviews made me realize that this is one small step in helping anyone get a fighting chance in choosing the right product.

With the rise in disruptive technology that has done way with traditional cable which only provides a limited number of channels, the introduction of smart boxes have become a great boon to entertainment fanatics. A smart tv box allows you to stream all your favorite channels, movies and music from the comfort of your home, at very reasonable prices.

Smart boxes have completely changed the pattern of home entertainment systems where users can get any song and television show with the click of a button. And since every company wants a share in the action, the number of brands introducing smart boxes have been growing exponentially. With so many companies and products in the market vying for the top price, it is essential to know which product fits your requirements and needs.

And not just for music or movies; if you’re in the mood for it, you can use your Smart tv box into a live monitor to read the news, check your social media, browse the internet, send emails and so much more. With the purchase of my first smart tv box, I essentially turned into a couch potato with an endless stream of movies and television shows at my beck and call, every hour of the day.

In the past, getting a viable cable connection required a lot of work where the people had to browse through the available packages to get the one that suits their needs. And even then, most of the channels were split into different packages and trying to get to your favorite one would incur additional costs. Not paying your bills in a timely manner would get the connection cut off quicker than batting an eyelash. But all that is ancient history.

With the introduction of the smart tv box in the market, every kind of entertainment that I’ve ever had to search and pay for is in the palm of my hands. One huge advantage of the smart box is that it does not require a smart tv for use. How great is that! As long as you have a tv with an HDMI port available, you’re good to go. Simply connect the box to the tv via the HDMI cable, turn on the box and configure it according to your needs by selecting the from the choice of wifi settings and you’re good to go.

One some different between the normal channel hopping and using the smart box is that all the entertainment in the smart box is controlled via apps. Every entertainment streamer has their own app that you can use to browse through the list of movies and shows that are currently available for viewing. This lets you choose from thousands of movies and television shows available. You can also view live channels, sports, news, and so much more via the smart box streamer.

Due to the endless number of products available in the market, it is prudent so consider the dealer you’re buying from, the brand of the product, the components provided, the box and its specifications, and finally the cost of the product. Don’t go for very cheap products that make a lot of promises about selling fully loaded smart boxes. Not only would they be of inferior quality, they would have no return policy if the customer is not satisfied. While most well-known brands have smart boxes which might be quite expensive for an average user, a lot of affordable products also are available in the market.

If you’re still having trouble deciding on what product to get, look no further than this blog which brings to you reviews about all the latest and greatest smart tv boxes and android smart box solutions for you.