Android TV, the successor to Google TV, is a smart TV platform from Google. It is the latest innovation in home entertainment and connects to a world of entertainment that the user can view and enjoy. The key difference between a smart TV and an ordinary television set is the ability to access the internet and also make use a multitude of video streaming facilities such as Hulu, HBO, and Netflix. Viewers can also enjoy a wide range of movies, television shows, music, sports and other forms of entertainment. In comparison with traditional cable which offers the users certain packages containing the set of movies and TV channels, the Android smart TV box can provide all the content in the entertainment world with a click of a button.

Installing the smart box to the TV is a very easy process and involves connecting the Smart Box to the television set using an HDMI cable and then configuring the necessary settings before getting connected with the internet. Here, unlike cable packages, lists are not provided to let the user view the available channels. Instead, it features a range of apps such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and so on, each displaying their respective content and lets the user choose from it. Not just for entertainment streaming, the Android Smart Box can also be used in various other fields of education, gaming, and communication. One great advantage of the smart box is that it does not require a very expensive and high tech smart tv to connect to. Any television set that allows for connection via an HDMI port can be converted into a smart platform to view the content.

Gaming Room

Gaming Room

In your gaming space, designing a gaming space for buying pricey gaming equipment is not a good idea. Seek newer features and affordability while getting a gaming chair, desk, and speakers. So, you should think about using a Smart Box for it. Benefits of the Android Smart Box:

Entertainment : 

The Android Smart boxes have made every entertainment show become available to every user on the planet with a single simple interface. Any media stream ranging from live shows, sports, music, news, movies or television shows can be streamed in seconds using the smart box. With the advent of the smart box, the prices of similar smart boxes have taken a deep plunge which makes them very affordable to the common people. Most of the devices offer their own RAM and internal storage space which isn’t much when compared to the size of the external hard disks being made available.

A lot of the entertainment apps also make personalized recommendations of the shows, videos, and sports that the user might enjoy based on their viewing history. One popular feature of the smart box is the voice activated search feature which can be used by attaching a microphone to the smart box and speaking the suggestions.


Education has an attractive role to play with the latest Android Smart Box. Learning apps are being created and made available for people of all ages to use and learn. Access to these apps can be made by downloading the app and its content via a wireless internet connection and going through the contents. This technique is most efficient for children and adults who are sick or bedridden and feel the need to stay updated on various matters such as homework for children, or even learning something new. The apps can also feature different levels of data depending on the learning ability of the student to ensure a comfortable learning pace.




Not only do the apps provide a great incentive for learning, they also do them in the most fun and efficient way possible so that the viewer does not get bored, learns from the interactive sessions and keeps them in positive spirits. Not just in hospitals, smart tv’s are also viable learning options in schools or colleges to stream content to the students using a high-tech projector and also provides a large number of learning tricks and tips to help study and understand things better. They can also provide the study material in the form of interactive quiz sessions, podcasts, videos, creative images and so forth. Thus, Android smart boxes are a boon to the educational field for everyone to use.

Gaming : 

One of the greatest features of the Android Smart Box for gaming enthusiasts is that the platform allows playing android games without the need for physical controllers. Since any android device can be connected via a wireless or wired connection to the smart box, the games can be played using the remote, smart phone, a tablet without having to buy expensive game consoles.

However, for a rich intensive gaming experience, a number of high definition games are available which requires the use of consoles for playing. Most of the games are free and do not require in-app purchases to enjoy the game. Every game designed for the big screen lets the user enjoy a very rich experience of graphics and controls which can be easily enjoyed using just the remote or a smartphone. For a more interactive gaming experience, the platform also supports a multi-screen feature for high-intensity racing games to be played with friends since the box allows the support of multiple devices to be connected to it.

Communication : 

Android smart tv box also helps bring about better communication by ensuring a positive mental health and interaction with people who are sick and forced to stay in bed for months on end. For such people who are prone to succumb to negative thoughts and feelings, cheering them up and getting them to open up can be a happy prospect.

Keeping them updated with the day to day events using the smart box along with providing them their favorite entertainment can help lift someone’s mood and spirit drastically. This opens a viable channel of communication for the person with the other staff in order to provide feedback about the services provided, open up more easily about their problems or about how they might be feelings. It also provides incredible learning opportunities to keep their minds tuned without falling into a pit of negativity. Not only that, meal ordering schemes which are done online also have a positive outcome with helping patients manage their nutrition intake.