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How to choose the Right Unblocked (Jailbroken) FireStick for your Needs

What is Jailbroken FireStick? A streaming stick (Unblocked or Jailbroken FireStick) provides the most inexpensive and simple way to watch online content on virtually any TV set. They are not bigger than a USB thumb drive, connect to your home WiFi and plug right into the HDMI input of your TV. With a streaming stick, […]

What are Jailbroken Firesticks and How to Jailbreak Fire Stick?

What Does “Jailbreak” Mean? The term jailbroken applies to streaming devices that do not allow third-party software. A jailbreak is the manipulation of software to enable the installation of third-party apps, such as Kodi. However, Jailbroken Firesticks are third-party applications and are permitted to install on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV Box software, both […]

7 Reasons why Kodi is the best software for your android

Searching for the best open source media player will ultimately bring to you to Kodi. Developed by XMBC, Kodi is a free software media player that provides you all the entertainment you need without paying any money! Whether it is your television screen or tablet or your mobile, Kodi is available on all major operating […]

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Smart TV in 2017

Smart TVs embraced a huge success when they were firstly launched, and everybody wanted one. In their early days, they were presented as the ideal gadget, allowing you to browse the internet, see your favorite movies or even surf the social media platforms. However, time has passed and now we understand that owning a smart […]

Best Streaming Media Player Reviews and Buying Guide of 2017

More and more people are cutting cords with cable companies as they realize that there are more convenient ways of streaming videos on TV via their computers, tablets, and smartphone. In today’s stream player world, there numerous options of streaming videos and TVs programs ranging from simple set-top boxes, compact streaming sticks to powerful game […]

Smart TV Boxes Solutions for Hotels

What is an Android smart TV or Smart TV Boxes?  Originally known as “connected TVs,” these sets were later called “smart TVs” by companies such as Samsung and LG. A smart TV is a combination of two technologies; TV set and computers. A TV Box running the operating system of Android is called Android Smart […]

Android Smart TV Box Solution for Gaming Space

Android TV, the successor to Google TV, is a smart TV platform from Google. It is the latest innovation in home entertainment and connects to a world of entertainment that the user can view and enjoy. The key difference between a smart TV and an ordinary television set is the ability to access the internet […]

Smart TV Box Solution for Preschool

The Smart TV Box Solution is revolutionizing the way we see TV nowadays. With this innovative device, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. It has been a really helpful tool for hotels to offer great entertainment service to the people that stay in them. But, there has been a recent use of […]

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

The Amazon Fire TV Stick has been receiving a lot of attention and for a good reason too. This small device works as a powerful Media streamer that is sure to turn any TV into a Smart TV. Even better, the stick is quite affordable not to mention the fact that it is also user-friendly. […]

Rveal Media Player & Android TV Boxes Entertainment Solutions

Tired of having limited or even boring recurring TV shows on your television set every day? Well, get bored no more! Rveal Media Player and Android TV Boxes Entertainment Solutions is here to the rescue—your all-in-one customizable media system. You can watch anything from your latest favorite movies, TV shows, premium channels, favorite sports, international […]