What is Jailbroken FireStick?

A streaming stick (Unblocked or Jailbroken FireStick) provides the most inexpensive and simple way to watch online content on virtually any TV set. They are not bigger than a USB thumb drive, connect to your home WiFi and plug right into the HDMI input of your TV. With a streaming stick, you can transform any television to a smart TV.

Streaming Stick

These are the lowest cost options if you look to get access to some top streaming services such as Netflix. Their main advantage consists in the fact that they are less obtrusive and smaller than even the most miniaturized TV set-top box.

When the streaming sticks came on the market, they packed into a gadget the size of a pack of gum the entire world of streaming video. Streaming sticks provide streaming box’s most important function, streaming online vide to a TV set, at cheaper prices, and in a smaller form.

Their small form factor opens many new possibilities. You can bring them along on a business trip, on vacation, or over to a friend’s house. You are all set to watch streaming video as long as you have the Internet.

The advantage of a small size comes with a trade off in some feature. A streaming sick, in general, cannot compete in speed with a set-top box. Some models of streaming sticks do not come with a remote control.

The vast majority of streaming stick models is getting their power through a USB cable. In case that you are the owner of a newer HDTV that usually comes with a powered USB port on it, then you can use that as the streaming stick’s power source. If not, you will have to use the wall plug and the included cable.

We will discuss here the main options of streaming stick models on the market today in order to help you choose the right one for your needs.

1. Amazon FireStick

For the fans of Amazon gadgets, the Amazon FireStick is the best option. The Fire TV Stick from Amazon keeps you within the Amazon.com’s ecosphere. If you own a Fire tablet, have an Amazon Prime subscription, and stream music and video through Amazon’s services, then the Fire TV Stick is the logical choice for you. The gadget costs only $39, being among the most affordable streaming stick models on the market today. It gives you access to all the Prime extras, like Instant Music and Video. Its interface reminds you of the Amazon Fire tablet. The only downsize consists in the fact that the Fire TV Stick is not iOS-friendly. While there is an Android app that gives access to some extras features like voice search, there is no iOS support for the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

One of its advantages is that it works almost as fast as a full-sized streaming TV set-box. Gamers can even indulge in playing games on the gadget. Another great advantage is that you can also use a Jailbroken FireStick. When the term Jailbroken is applied to a streaming stick, it relates to the freedom to access third party streaming software, like the KODI app.

A Jailbroken FireStick is 100 percent legal because all of the content like live sports or PPV’s is being streamed from international servers, the stream sources do not come from torrents and there is no downloading of videos. A Jailbroken FireStick will work similar to HULU or Netflix, providing access to extensive streaming content available on demand. You can watch pretty much any movie or sporting event, even live TV. On a Jailbroken FireStick, almost anything is available through KODI, an app that allows third-party add-ons to stream their content.

2. Roku Streaming Stick

At $50, the Roku Streaming Stick comes with a higher price tag than the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The gadget gives access to over 1,800 channels. The Roku stick is fast enough, but not as fast as the flagship Roku 3 TV set-top box. The gadget comes with a remote control, but it does not include the headphone jack included on the remote that comes with Roku 3.

3. Roku Express

Aside Roku’s streaming stick, the company also produces the Roku Express miniature streaming box. Technically the Roku Express is not a streaming stick. However, this gadget, because of its small dimensions and cheap price, is on the edge of a set-top TV box and a streaming stick. For that reason, we also included it here. The gadget sells for just $30 and gives access to all 3,500-plus streaming channels provided by the other Roku set-top TV boxes. However, the device is slower than the streaming stick from Roku.

4. Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast streaming stick is an inexpensive gadget, coming with a regular price of just $35. The device works differently than a streaming box like an Apple TV or Roku. You have to use apps on your computer or mobile device in order to find the TV show or movie you are interested in watching, then stream it or “cast” it to the stick. Chromecast goes to the Web at that point and starts streaming the video. From then on, the mobile device only plays the role of a remote. You can continue tweeting, surfing and texting. Some top streaming apps provide support for Chromecast, including HBO Go, Netflix, and Hulu. The downside, however, consists in the fact that there is no separate remote, meaning that you need to go back to the streaming app if you need to rewind or pause.

5. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft also offers a simple and different approach to video streaming. Its Wireless Display Adapter comes with a price tag of $60. The device mirrors what’s playing on your Android device or Windows computer. The stick directly connects to any Android device or Windows computer that supports Miracast, so there is no Internet required.

6. Belkin Miracast Video Adapter

The idea behind the Belkin Miracast Video Adapter is much similar to the idea behind the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. The devices have very simple functionality, basically allowing you to wirelessly stream apps, games, music, photos and from your tablet device, smartphone, or Windows laptop to an HD television set.