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What are Jailbroken Firesticks and How to Jailbreak Fire Stick?

What Does “Jailbreak” Mean? The term jailbroken applies to streaming devices that do not allow third-party software. A jailbreak is the manipulation of software to enable the installation of third-party apps, such as Kodi. However, Jailbroken Firesticks are third-party applications and are permitted to install on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV Box software, both […]

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Smart TV in 2017

Smart TVs embraced a huge success when they were firstly launched, and everybody wanted one. In their early days, they were presented as the ideal gadget, allowing you to browse the internet, see your favorite movies or even surf the social media platforms. However, time has passed and now we understand that owning a smart […]

Best Android TV Box 2017

An Android TV box, otherwise known as Kodi box or streaming box is the new platform that brings the same content of streaming available on your Android mobiles to your TV and consoles. With this new technological breakthrough, it is easy to ditch the expensive satellite company without losing access to any of your favorite […]


No one needs to be surprised that many people are not aware of the technological marvel known as Android TV Box. The way science and technology progress at break-neck speed, it is impossible to keep track. Be that as it may, android Box TV channels are something kids and grownups can give a lot of […]

Experience to buying a Smart TV Box or TV Stick

If you’ve still used an older TV and you want to watch on-demand content, you would need to purchase an internet streaming device. There are many streaming devices on the market. In general, they come in the form of a TV box or a TV stick. TV streaming devices connect to the internet in order […]

Why we choose a Smart TV Box?

Internet TV is a full contact sport nowadays it revolutionized the way we interact with that flat & lifeless screen in our living rooms. Outdated nodes of the past where the audience is merely a spectator are now becoming obsolete. Home entertainment is now more equipped with advanced technologies to make our lives more complete. […]

Set up Smart TV Box

A smart TV box is a multimedia device that has the power to convert any TV into a smart TV. It gives the users the permission to access TV shows, Live music, Sports, games and any other form of entertainment with just one click. It is very important to understand how this device works before […]

What are Best Smart TV box Brands?

The new era of TVs was introduced by the Smart TV box. They have brought the internet world to every household on screen. After they have been introduced, it became a lot easier to play the favorite game on a big screen or to watch any good movie with everyone in the family. Besides, having […]

3 Popular Smart TV Box or TV Stick

Top 3 Popular Smart TV Box or TV Stick Brands for you: 1. ROKU 3 SMART TV BOX This has been one of the leading smart TV boxes for over two years now. This has been one of the smart TV boxes that have made a lot of impact in technology as it has an app […]

Smart TV Box Introduction

INTRODUCTION We all began from somewhere in the TV generation. Back in the days when are when we used the black and white televisions in our homes. They were one of the best and if you never had one then you would get beat up by your parents for going to your neighbors to watch. […]