A smart TV box is a multimedia device that has the power to convert any TV into a smart TV. It gives the users the permission to access TV shows, Live music, Sports, games and any other form of entertainment with just one click.
It is very important to understand how this device works before purchasing it. Many manufacturers do give a warrant of years or months in case the devices is not in a proper condition. By Taking keen of all the dos and don’ts. If the user is not able to get the full information on how the box works, they can contract the manufacturers. The user needs to know all about the smart tv box it is different from other TVs. With a smart TV box, you need to browse from one channel to the other to get the content you need. The user also needs to know all about the precautions and how to handle the device. All the user’s manual should be followed to later. Misuse or misinformation on how to use these devices may lead to the device not working in a proper way. It also gives the user a complete know how on how to handle the device.

Connect TV Smart Box

Users Guide:
How to connect the Hardware.
Connect the device to a power supply. Attach the smart tv Box to your TV using the HDMI cable. Switch on the Box and go to the settings. Connect to the internet. If your TV and router are close to each other, you can connect using your broadband router using the ethernet cable.
How to connect to Wi-FI.
To set up wi-fi to your smart box, you need to have an open internet connection.To connect the wi-fi to the smart box, look for ethernet port that is found at the back of the TV. Connect the ethernet cable from the router to the port on the TV. Choose the menu on the TVs remote and choose network settings. Then select the option to enable wired Network. Key in your wi-fi password using your remote control.
How to install Software
Go to  Program add-ons. Select program installer. Select install. The software is now installed. You are now able to browse easily.
How to use the keyboard.
The wireless keyboard which also has a touch mouse is used instead of a normal remote control. It is more when efficient when browsing and easier when entering media data on the tv box. They have rechargeable batteries inserted. Turn on the keyboard and a light will then show. The keyboard is now ready to use.
How to access Google Play Store
Smart tv models with HDMI receivers and TV tuners have access to google play store where the users can be able to gain access to games, play stations, and other streaming services.
Reviews about Entertainment.
With the smart tv connected to an open internet, the users have unlimited access to all the tv shows, movies, games, live music, sports world, tv series and much more. this is all we need in this era where technology is on the rise.

Smart TV Box Service