What is an Android smart TV or Smart TV Boxes? 

Originally known as “connected TVs,” these sets were later called “smart TVs” by companies such as Samsung and LG. A smart TV is a combination of two technologies; TV set and computers.

A TV Box running the operating system of Android is called Android Smart TV Box. The same operating system that we are running on our tablets, cellular phones, and other devices. If you can use an android device, do not bother about running this TV box of android.

We have a heard a lot of names for this same Smart TV Boxes. You may know it as Streaming Device, Google TV, Android TV, Streaming Media Player, Roku Boxes, Kodi Box or simply a TV Box.

What does Android TV Box do?

Android TV Box is basically Android Mini PC that connects your TV with an HDMI or AV cable. Android TV is designed to bring the sorts of things you enjoy on your phone to your TV. It offers voice control and allows access through other devices. A TV box allows you to:

– easily view HD movies

– Android Games

– Surfing the Internet

– Chat via Video calls through Skype etc

– Netflix

– Play games

– Access to 1channel or ice films

– Youtube

– Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp

– News

– Music

Android TV allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and live sports without spending costs for the cable bills or any subscription fee.

There is a vertical row of inputs on the device like HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. You are allowed to control and switch between the inputs. On the screen, you can also see the apps rowed down that you have downloaded or are already available on the device. For example Google Play Store, Music Album etc.

With this device, you can do anything that you do with your any other android device. This device has access to any of the over 800,000 Android Apps that are available on the Google Play store.


Smart TVs for Hotels 

smart tv for hotels

Every business entity is advancing towards facilitating its customers. The hospitality sector is one of them. Introducing smart TV system is a new concept of providing lucrative services to the guests at Hotel. This is a digital experience for the new generation of travelers. This can not be considered as a compromise on the hospitality features already offered.

These TVs definitely help in saving time and money of their guests.

Hotels opting for such technologies are leaving behind the best impression on the customers.

Hotel guests can now take full advantage of easy access to hotel-specific services. These include

– TV and Video On demand

– folio review

– room service

– facility guide

– other information services through a branded app located on the Smart TV menu

– games and social networking.

Customers are provided with a Tablet. It is that hub with which he enters the seemingly new world with a combination of services from the hotel and the outside world.

Housekeeper services 

The housekeeper is a convenient support tool for housekeeping and the staff for the services. The app featured in Smart TVs for Hotel facilitates the co-ordination in all service operations. This makes it easy for the management to carry out daily tasks faster and efficiently. The apps would be running on multiple devices at the same time, it can be regarded as the best tool to manage and follow up the cleaning and maintenance activities in the hotels. When starting the service, staff will press Start and confirm when done.

Housekeeping system makes it easy for the staff to report the cleaning process, minibar purchases made by guests and problems in rooms.


A feature common in smart TVs perfect for Hotel Smart TVs for the entertainment of the guests.

Room Service Menu 

The smart TV systems have the menu of Room Service embedded in them. The customer only has to choose the service required by him. Select the option in the app on the TV. All images, services will list down.

Some devices come with complete voice support. Customers may order while talking to the TV to be more specific about the required service.

Orders are instantly received and followed up by the management.


An Android supported app can not miss on the features like Google Map and Street View. If you want to locate the nearest places for visit, you may simply refer to your Smart TV device. It will guide you with the routes as well.

Weather Info 

Smart TVs have this feature enabled in them to tell weather updates. Guests can plan their tours and be traveling take an account of information displayed.

Taxi Info

Where traveler is new in town, Hotel management may want to facilitate their valuable customer for Taxi services. A Smart TV system designed for hotels necessarily has the feature of guiding about Taxi and the rates. Guests may make a reservation and give his timing details. Taxi shall be available right at the time when it was required.

Laundry Service

A necessary service for the guests in a Hotel. The customer has to make a requested by selecting the app. A manager from the department will instantly receive the request and it will be pursued.

Personal Music and Video

This feature of the smart TVs allows the guests in the hotel to play his local music files in a USB device.

Video On Demand 

Anyone will easily get bored with the preset number of channels and programs on an ordinary TV. Smart TV feature enables the guests to browse through the audio or video content and play their favorite ones.

Task Management

An added feature is that the staff can create problem reports with photos of broken items and assign the issues to other users or teams.

Android Smart TV Boxes is certainly a unique experience for the guests in Hotels. With the advancement in technology and growing competition, hotels need to get an update and upgrade with the technology else it will not take them time to get out of the market. Every traveler searches for the best facilities in the budget. This TV solution is becoming a need for the hotels as well like any other industry unit.