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Smart TV Boxes Solutions for Hotels

What is an Android smart TV or Smart TV Boxes?  Originally known as “connected TVs,” these sets were later called “smart TVs” by companies such as Samsung and LG. A smart TV is a combination of two technologies; TV set and computers. A TV Box running the operating system of Android is called Android Smart […]

Android Smart TV Box Solution for Gaming Space

Android TV, the successor to Google TV, is a smart TV platform from Google. It is the latest innovation in home entertainment and connects to a world of entertainment that the user can view and enjoy. The key difference between a smart TV and an ordinary television set is the ability to access the internet […]

Smart TV Box Solution for Preschool

The Smart TV Box Solution is revolutionizing the way we see TV nowadays. With this innovative device, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. It has been a really helpful tool for hotels to offer great entertainment service to the people that stay in them. But, there has been a recent use of […]