Fire Sticks

What Does “Jailbreak” Mean?

The term jailbroken applies to streaming devices that do not allow third-party software. A jailbreak is the manipulation of software to enable the installation of third-party apps, such as Kodi. However, Jailbroken Firesticks are third-party applications and are permitted to install on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV Box software, both of which allow third-party applications. This term is used commonly but does not define our Jailbroken Fire Stick.

Additionally, Jailbroken Firesticks are legal because everything it enables to stream comes from international servers. The video downloads and the stream sources do not originate from torrents, which, of course, are illegal. As a result, almost every streaming movie, television program, or sporting event is available on KODI. A streaming device is necessary to avail yourselves of this programming, and one of these Jailbroken Kodi-friendly devices is the Amazon Firestick.

What is Needed to Use the “Jailbroken Firestick?”

You will need:

· to set aside about 10-minutes of your time

· a high-speed internet (10 Mbps or more)

· a television with an HDMI input (your Firestick port)

· to locate your Firestick as far away from your TV as possible for improved WiFi reception

· the included power cord

· to power up your Firestick

· to enter your WiFi password

· to log into your Amazon account


Why is Jailbroken Better than Other Such Devices?

· all domains upgraded to accommodate popular add-ons

· add-on content blocks patched

· live TV tab

· TV on-demand tab

· live sports tab

· kids zone tab

· international TV tab

· favorites tab

· more features and upgrades than any other similar sellers

· 8-years of experience

· excellent technical support for the lifetime of the device

· automatic update (not supported by competitors)

· warranties (not supported by competitors)

· top-ranked seller

· competitive pricing

· easy return policy


What’s Legal and What is Not?

A podcast by The Tech Guy, Leo Laporte, out of California, includes a discussion on the legality of modifying the Amazon Fire TV device, such as putting Kodi on it. He says no law says altering hardware bought and now owned by a layperson is wrong.

In 2014, Kodi, then known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center), was awarded the “Best Media Player” by received other awards from a variety of tech entities, as well. included these opinions in its review of KODI.


· Kodi is an app to organize and enjoy all your media, including, TV, photos, music, movies, videos, live TV, and sports.

· Kodi works on computers, androids, iOS devices, streaming media players, and more.

· Kodi streams all types of entertainment content.

WTVPC gave Kodi:

· 10-stars on price because it is free

· 10-stars for compatibility, since it works on so many devices

· 8-stars on user experience because sometimes it’s tricky to find the content you want

· 8-stars for streaming because quality is, from time to time, poor

· 10-stars for content


How to Install Kodi to Amazon Fire Stick

Installing Kodi onto the Amazon Fire Stick is easy once you have the directions. It will be no time at all before you are an absolute multimedia magnate. You can install Kodi on Fire Stick by side-loading the app using your computer, but here’s how you do it without using your PC:

1. Purchase an Amazon Fire Stick or go all-out and buy a Fire TV.

2. Set up the Fire Stick or TV as instructed.

3. Turn on Debugging and turn off App Reporting. Go to Settings; then to Systems; then to Developer Options. Enable ADB Debugging” and Unknown Sources (or Unknown Apps).

4. Go to Application Settings and turn off Collect APP Data.

5. Go to your Amazon App Store and find ES File Explorer and download the app.

6. Launch the app.

7. Now it is time to get the AppStarter.

8. In the Path” field type:

9. Under Name” putAppstarter and click on ADD.

10. “Bookmark Added” should appear (or some words to that effect).

11. Now it is time to install AppStarter.

12. The download should begin when you click on the newly created Bookmark.”

13. When the download is finished, click “Open File and click the AppStarterapi android icon and it will install.

14. Now is the time to install Kodi.

15. Go to updates on the left side of AppStarter and select Update to Latest Version.”

If you install Fusion for Kodi, you can quickly find and add apps.

There you go!

Last year a list of the most affordable and compatible devices to use with Kodi was compiled and posted on The list included:

· Amazon Fire TV

· NVIDIA Shield

· Matricom G-Box Q2

· WeTek Core

· Gem Box

· Raspberry Pi 3

· Razer Forge TV


The best access options compiled last year included:

· Side click SC2-FT15K Universal Remote for Amazon Fire TV & Stick

· Amazon Fire TV Stick Generation 3

· Amazon Fire TV Stick Digital Media Streamer

As of April 2017, Amazon updated the Fire TV Stick in a way that stopped earlier Kodi installations from working. But, thanks to, the new directions are available:


The Updated Fire TV Stick Kodi Installation

install Kodi on Firestick

How to install Kodi on Firestick Updated 2017 edition (streaming devices, fire stick guide)

· Go to Settings and then to Device.

· Select Developer Options.

· Set ADB Debugging to On and Apps from Unknown Sources to On.

· Install ES File Explore to the Fire Stick as explained above. (The search option in the Fire Stick will install it, too.)

a. Go to Search Icon at the top left and type in ES File Explorer; highlight it; click on it.

b. When ES File Explorer comes up, click on it.

c. On the next screen download it and install it if not already installed.

d. Once it downloads, open it.

e. Go to Favorite. Close any pop-ups that might appear.

f. Go to Add.

g. When a URL and Name request appears, enter Use “Kodi” as the name.

h. When you are sure everything correct, click Add.

i. A popup will inform you that Bookmark Kodi created successfully.

j. On the left scroll down, find Kodi and click on it.

k. To the right, the Download Page for Kodi will appear.

l. Scroll down to Current Release Kodi 16.1 Jarvis.

m. The ARM file downloads by clicking it. If it doesn’t, follow these directions:

n. (After clicking ARM, three dots will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Click them and open in the browser and click ES Downloader. One click and the file should download.

o. After it downloads, click Open File.

p. Click Install.

q. Click Install again.

r. Kodi will begin to install.

s. After installation is complete, click Open.

t. You have installed Kodi, but add-ons will be needed to play content. Find a “Builds” that has all the best plugins here.

Here’s to great entertainment and happy filmophiles!