Internet TV is a full contact sport nowadays it revolutionized the way we interact with that flat & lifeless screen in our living rooms. Outdated nodes of the past where the audience is merely a spectator are now becoming obsolete. Home entertainment is now more equipped with advanced technologies to make our lives more complete. Unless you live in a cave or really old-fashioned. A person who is behind the times. Then you are missing out on why the Smart TV Box is much fun & useful from anyone who knows how to use a smartphone or a remote control. For those of you who are skeptical about the Smart TV Box. Read on.

Smart TV Box Features::

Smart TV Boxes are what every household with a TV & living room should have. Smart TV Boxes are small devices that you can easily plug-in with operating systems of its own. We chose a Smart TV Box because it enables us to connect to the internet, access our social media accounts, play videos in YouTube, Skype with our friends online and so much more. Look, in this day & age, nobody would want to have a great cinematic experience with their families & friends in front of a laptop or desktop PC. Smart TV Boxes are the best solution there is for home entertainment & digital interaction in the comfort of your living rooms. You don’t have to take my word for it, give it a try!

Are You Shopping for a Smart TV Box?


Minix Smart TV Box

Minix Smart TV Box

I would recommend the brands that have the highest user review ratings in Amazon. We have chosen the Smart TV Box with the most positive feedback. One of the most notable products out in the market is the MINIX NEO Z83-4. A small device with a sleek & compact design. Equipped with a Quad Core processor – it is labeled as the Perfect Home Theater PC. Another one is MINIX NGC-1 (Next Generation Computing -1) has a metallic enclosure combined with a 128GB of lightning fast built-in storage & 4Gigabytes of DDR3L memory. The stylish MINIX NG-1 runs on Windows 10 Operating System. It also has a built -in Dual Band 802.11 as Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, perfect for sharing your digital media files, like photos, videos & favorite music. MINIX NEO U1 is best described by its manufacturers as the “ultimate home entertainment media hub designed to bring a world of online entertainment” into your living room. It promises ultra high-definition videos, with lightning fast & flawless streaming. NEO U1 is another faceless small device with a sleek & compact design with a silent thermal control management system. MINIX Z64 is another faceless mini PC. It consumes 80 percent less energy than the traditional desktop PC. Its energy efficiency is not a handicap, in fact, it has an incredible array of applications, its company boasts it as the ideal solution in the age of cloud computing for low-cost & low consumption with the high-performance ratio. Last in this list, but not the very least is the MINIX X6 is perfect for android gaming & web browsing. Like any MINIX device, you can watch your favorite movies, TV series or YouTube music videos in a stunning high-definition while you can sit back let the MINIX X6 do its magic. You can also enjoy its ultra-fast real-time streaming, perfect for Skype conversations or video conference call with your co-workers or your friends. Oh, after you have decided on what device you would buy. Be sure to grab some accessories along the way!